29 September 2007

Photos out of aeroplane windows 3

Ruapehu, on the way to Rotorua to go mountain biking, sit in hot pools, and talking to people about stuff (and stalk Art + Object, apparently). And before you ask, carbon emissions offset through Makara Peak.

25 September 2007

Everywhere you want to be

I have to applaud Art and Object: they seem to be everywhere in a way that no auction house or gallery - even the public institutions with their existent marketing budgets - has ever managed. Take the above photo, for instance, from the car park of a mountain bike park in Rotorua last weekend. See: everywhere.

And they keep sending me great catalogues. Contemporary Art and Objects arrived last night. If the level of editorial keeps rising at the current rate, I suspect they'll be giving the 'proper' NZ art magazines a real run for their money before too long. Still lacking a lifestyle section though...

24 September 2007

Made to be broken

There's something all cavalier and sexy about breaking rules - particularly when the rule is something stupid and self-imposed - like not buying any more art for a while.

To be fair there were several months where we didn't get anything at all, and oddly didn't die, although I did develop a lingering and annoying cough.

So welcome to Mssrs Torres, Dashper, McLeod, and Parker. Thank you for fuelling the addiction.

Tip for collectors (seems the done thing)- if you don't want to buy art, don't go to art galleries.

Pic: Ed Ruscha. 2005 American Pavillion representative at Venice.

12 September 2007

Photos out of aeroplane windows 2

Mahia Peninsula en route to launch a website promoting Gisborne's burgeoning arts community.

I'm such a tourist.

10 September 2007

Presence and absence #347765

"Two new shows that dramatize the photographer as absent presence in images of candor and intrusiveness open this week..."

Foundation course

What could only be described as a steel plinth has been installed on the pavement outside Hamish McKay and Bowen Galleries. I suspect it's the base of some stunning new sculpture, but since they've relaxed the fencing around it, it makes a nice wee launch ramp for the bike.

Multi-faceted art. Nice.

08 September 2007

Retail therapy

The New York Times this week picked up on Andy Freeberg's Sentry photos - front desks of Chelsea dealer galleries. While the work's not entirely new - I've featured it before, as has Over the Net - but the Times have added this great quote from one of the dealers represented:

“He sent me an e-mail,” Mr. Freeberg said. “He was really upset. He said he thought the work showed a lack of engagement with the subject.”

Funny that.

The series, rather than the quote, serves as a nice link into Martha's bold move into retail, soon to feature an incredible front counter, if the sketches are anything to go by.