27 August 2013

200,000 x zero is still zero.

As art collecting makes the Herald's Personal Finance supplement,
I'm reminded of a joke my 6th form maths teacher used to recount:
"One of my students came to me at the end of the year and said
'Thank you, I now know 100 times what I did at the start of the year!'
"What did you know at the start of the year?" the teacher responded.

23 August 2013

Action stations.

Apparently this afternoon we'll see some action, with diggers
due to arrive once the ground's dried out a bit.
"But it never rains in Taranaki," I said, to be met with a weak smile.
 In other news, the visual arts have apparently 'arrived' as NP is flooded with
not one but two pop-up galleries pop up. Be careful out there, kids. 

20 August 2013

Behind the scenes.

They're "almost ready to start the building phase in earnest" but it's
all go in New Plymouth.

07 August 2013

Contain your excitement.

Other than a shipping container appearing on site, little to report this week.
Broadcasts may be intermittent as OMC is lured to the fun of the fair.

02 August 2013

Radio without pictures.

The site gains a construction worker sign, the gallery broadcasts
Shaun Mallon at this week's Monica Brewster Club lecture, and
the former director is delivered safely by a cast of thousands.