30 March 2009

The Secret.

"Water is just a collection of 1960s patterns and different sections of swirls. Once I found that out, painting it was easy."

From Sculptor works on the edge, Daily News 28 March.

24 March 2009


An ongoing subtext to the merry dance of the open homes is an insight into people's art collecting habits.

In Wellington it was a rarity to see much more than mass wedding photos in the homes in our price range, though we did chance upon the occasional Tom Kreisler print (twice in Thorndon), a handful of aged City Gallery exibition posters (go Brodsky and Utkin), and a terrifying number of faded impressionist prints, usually above the toilet.

Taranaki fares slightly better. There's a common theme of either a Michael Smither or Peter Lambert edition in almost every lounge in the province it would seem, but still a terrifying level of what would appear to be DIY decorative art, usually in houses freshly painted 'contemporary beige' (gotta love those quick and cheap home improvement shows).

And then we chanced upon this homage to Peter Peryer and went weak at the knees:

23 March 2009

Walk the Lion

While the rest of Taranaki were standing in line to see a lion in Opunake Jasper and I went on a 150 minute time-killing adventure in Stratford. By the time we joined the queue it was worthy of a one-day sculpture project in its own right, though perhaps more anthropoligical than artistic
The camera on the phone inexplicably added a sort of faded blue filter to all shots taken in Stratford. Go figure.
(Title stolen from Wanda Harland)