06 November 2014

Gloss. Nearly.

Scaffolding intensifies in anticipation of the stainless skin.

03 November 2014

I was worried this would happen.

As all the action heads indoors, there's a risk this blog could get a bit dull.
Though watch the scaffolding creep in from the left - the first of the
stainless panels are rumoured to be going up later this week.
Stay tuned, caller.

17 October 2014

The local stone.

Leave town for a couple of days and the magic happens.

15 October 2014

The Gruen Transfer.

All set to wrap the façade and enclose the interior...

30 September 2014

Internal combustion.

Little to report this week, as the action heads inside.

28 August 2014


More details of progress here.


The highly anticipated curved wall moves around the corner and onto
Devon St, stopping traffic in the process. A sign of things to come, perhaps.

26 August 2014

And again


Catching up again.

Things have moved on a bit since these...

13 August 2014

24 July 2014

Panel Van.

Weather permitting, the first exterior panels are due to go up.
Of course it never rains or blows in Taranaki.

15 July 2014

Blood from stone.

This week's update is brought to you by the letter S, for stone. From the
"local stone" to "pulling Picasso from a block of stone."
How did Picasso get encased in stone, I hear you ask.

09 July 2014

Bunker down.

Less a case of seeing the wood for the trees than the interior spaces for
the structural reinforcing. I'd suggest it was following Christchurch's
lead in being a standby civil defence bunker, but there's already one
of those just up the road.

26 June 2014

Take cover, Arizona.

As another council takes aim at one of its amenities, I consider envying
the council's wastewater treatment plants: they don't have to take this crap.

10 June 2014

Cost of entry.

I've written before about cost of entry when it comes to art galleries -
perceived or otherwise. Will be interesting to see if the KPIs
for the gallery remain linked to entry numbers. If so then the phrase 'own
goal' springs to mind. It's okay though, for we will always have kittens.

06 June 2014

Old chestnut department.

As old chestnuts are revisited construction rapidly moves to the outer
edges of the final footprint. 

27 May 2014

Ever forward.

As heartfelt congratulations are extended to the Gallery's Director, the
structure extends towards the street to create what will become
Trilogy's new home. That much steel somewhat challenges the
white cube argument.

14 May 2014

Waiting for nobody.

A couple of weeks out of town (though sadly not on the global trade mission)
and the framework charges ahead. Still a way to go before it nears the
full footprint of the building. In what we'll call positive news,
it's already stopping traffic.

04 April 2014

Neighbourhood watch.

As the rock solid (one would hope both earthquake and sound-proof)
cinema starts to emerge from the depths, a sodding great electrical
transformer box is installed in the foreground, deftly dashing any hopes
and dreams of urban planning and a considered revitalisation of
the neighbourhood - New Plymouth's West End, as it were.


14 February 2014

To the future, and beyond.

The New Director is welcomed back to both gallery and city, the standard
KPI of numbers through the door grabs the headline once more, the sun has
come out, building continues, and future is indeed looking positive.

12 February 2014

All that glitters.

Sparkle isn't necessarily a theme you'd associate with a gallery
in waiting, but between sparklers and glitter it's there, and clearly
they're on to a winner. Keeping on-message I'm waiting for the big
crane to go all sparkly, though that might send the wrong message.

06 February 2014

Separated at birth?

I wonder if anyone else has drawn a parallel between the image of the
finished façade and Auckland's waterfront Tank Farm (pre-Askew One)?

04 February 2014

09 January 2014

And the beat goes on.

New year, new restraint shown in not adding 'ic' to the name of the crane.