29 May 2015

Best exotic.

The northern tip is exposed, as is that of the iceberg.

26 May 2015

Leading contemporary art.

Back in the day, one of the gallery's marketing slogans was 'leading
contemporary art.' This morning two lead - as opposed to
manage, it should be noted - positions have been advertised:
Business Development Lead
Exhibitions and Collections Lead

19 May 2015

Turning a corner.

The unwrapping turns the corner, as does the gallery brand that could be
seen as a nod not only to Len Lye, but to Paul Hartigan's Pathfinder that
once graced the fa├žade of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery..

13 May 2015

Brand new.

Building progress will be eclipsed when the brand is launched tomorrow.
Breath is baited.

08 May 2015