31 July 2015

How to photograph.

It's open, and what a swell party it is.
For days on end the front page news was positive. Shiny even.
The art world returned, as did the protagonist (hypocrisy noted).
In case you're not yet part of the image propagation campaign, tips here

23 July 2015

48 hours.

In two days this opens, bringing to a close many years of hard work by
many passionate people. Even me.

13 July 2015


After more than two years the fence is removed to expose...

08 July 2015

Cheap at twice the price.

Access trumps exclusivity as the tickets for the Saturday night opening event 
hit the market for the bargain price of just $10. Watch for scalpers.

07 July 2015

The final countdown.

With less than a month to go, the first Fountain is installed. Insider tip: it's BIG.