29 August 2007

Performance edition

There's been a lot of talk of editions lately, but even the general cost-effectiveness of an artist's multiple isn't much good when you're in the midst of a self-imposed moratorium on buying new art.

Or so I thought, until I rediscovered Manual in a box of bookmarks I was going through. It's multiples for the performance art set, from the good folk at E-flux.

Today I performed my very own Christian Marclay (Newspaper version) and if the weather's half decent tomorrow I'm going to acquire a Tacita Dean (directions to any fields full of clover appreciated).

And this summer I will be installing my very own Paul McCarthy work (digging a continuous trench), though maybe not in the apartment.

Getting a Felix Gonzalez-Torres edition could present a slightly bigger, though not insurmountable, challenge - 180lb of wrapped local candy in the corner of the room. One for the office maybe.

Collecting art just got a whole bunch more interesting.

(The above image, by US collective Chicks on Speed, should be printed out billboard size (high-res image available on request) and plastered wherever billboard space is available. In a slightly more sedate local parallel, a range of artist's billboards have recently emerged around Wellington - including a Paul Hartigan above Tulsi in Cuba Mall.)

28 August 2007

Photos out of aeroplane windows 1

Somewhere over the Tasman Sea, en route to learn more about an art gallery that hasn't been built yet.

A premonition of sorts

20 August 2007

What gives?

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14 August 2007

"I hate artists that paint Jesus"

Parked out front of Parliament this week is the Real Art Roadshow. Essentially, it's a truck, full of art, that turns into an art gallery. A bit like a Transformer!
There are 64 works included, almost all painting, and covering the last 40 or so years, and a good range of artists. All courtesy of a trust that is driving it round schools. At 400-odd secondary schools it's no small undertaking. It's also kind of fun to time a visit with a class of kids, if only for the comments - see title.
Check it out, live this week or online: Real Art Roadshow

01 August 2007

Don't touch the art

Peter Peryer, currently on location in the deep south, recently posted this photo of his work Tecomanthe in New Plymouth's new mall. I've heard from a couple of people that it looks stunning - but I'm totally amused by the hurricane fencing around it. Or perhaps that should be tornado fencing. Either way, it's good to see safety being put first.