26 July 2013

Foundation course.

Little to report on the construction front, though the building of
foundations are reportedly imminent.

19 July 2013

And all was well.

Going by the archaeological report, progress this week could
either be said to be going well or be a pile of rubbish.
Twelve piles of rubbish, to be precise.

12 July 2013

Art to lunch.

As Ryan Ballinger completes his homage to the gallery's closure, the
director is farewelled, and a new lunchtime series is launched,
progress focuses on the archaeology of the site.
Meanwhile, the café remains open.

09 July 2013

Come and see my etchings.

Progress continues to deepen, as 13 people sign up to have their names
permanently etched into the façade.

04 July 2013

The art of building a building of art.

Could the presence of a water tanker hint at a temporary installation
of Water Whirler in what could be an injection of art into the building
of an artful building to house art?