31 May 2006

Tinks the Bookie

I've started running a book on the heavily pregnant woman in the neighbouring office. Namely when, what, and how heavy. I think this means I can start talking like the lads from Lock Stock or Snatch now.

30 May 2006

Dining guide

Having moved to the hub of Wellington's restaurant district, I think I ought to start a restaurant guide. My reasons would be totally selfish - mainly to avoid the "let's go out for dinner" " okay but where...?" conversations. But given the total share everything nature of the blogosphere, I thought I might share. You lucky things.

I might park it on another blog site - as per Petone is full of Jelly.
And if I ever get round to getting a new digital camera, it could even include photos.
Or drawings on napkins scanned and posted up in the mean time.

Watch this space. Or some other space that hasn't been created yet...

25 May 2006

O to the M to the C

I was thinking about the whole One Moment Caller phenomena (Ha!), and thinking it needs a flash new rebrand, and maybe a rename. Givent the popularity of Text Speak amongst the young'uns, I was thinking of abbreviating to OMC.

Which led me to thinking about whatever happened to the Otara Millionaires Club.
Which, oddly led me to thinking about whatever happened to Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark.

Except that would be OMD, and it wouldn't fit. Orchestral Manoevres in the Car perhaps?

22 May 2006

Cash cow

It had to happen I guess, catching the Trade Me bug.
Only it's extended to Real Groovy and Arte Bee's to flog off books, cds and dvds as well.
Just as long as I can keep selling and not buying I'll be sweet!

Oh - anyone wanna buy 100 or so cassette tapes - mostly indie rock circa 1985-92?

15 May 2006

I thought things were looking a bit dry and texty, so here's some pics of Mt Taranaki. I like the one with the rolling cloud - it reminds me of a Gordon Walters koru.

Shiny fridge

Here is a poem to my new stainless steel (but the non-fingerprint showing kind) double door fridge/freezer, which I like quite a bit at the moment:

You keep food cold
As a good fridge should
But the last one didn't

Your crisp blue light
Makes me think of hospitals
And crispy leaves of lettuce

The shrinking wheel of brie
Sits proudly in your midst
Surrounded by space

You gleam assuredly despite
Your pink surrounds (more on this later)
And speak confidently of a cool future.

06 May 2006


There's something really quite nice about sitting in the middle of a new home, with no furniture, drinking champagne from plastic cups, and eating fish and chips.

Even if the carpet is overwhelmingly pink.

02 May 2006

Fun and games

They say that buying a house is one of the most stressful things you'll ever do.