30 October 2007

Alarming fact.

Alarming fact: I have more art dealers saved in my internet banking than I do utilities.

23 October 2007


Stolen Items Returned
Press Release by University of Auckland at 10:31 am, 23 Oct 2007

Three items stolen from The University of Auckland during the Christmas period have been returned to the University.

The items are a Charles Goldie portrait of Hori Pokai, a set of seven poems by Colin McCahon and an Oxford lectern bible.

The painting and the manuscripts are in good condition and will be back on display in the near future. The Oxford Lectern Bible suffered some damage and will be repaired before being returned to display.

Following the theft, the University instituted some immediate steps to increase security on significant art works and other valuable items in its collections. A more extended review is due for completion shortly. New policies resulting from the review will enable the University to protect its collections while enabling access to them by the University community and visitors.

16 October 2007

Fun while it lasted

Hamilton City Council CEO Michael Redman has announced the separation of City Libraries and Waikato Museum into stand-alone entities.

The libraries and museum have been operationally joined in the Arts and Culture Unit of the Council for more than ten years. The restructure will see the disestablishment of the Arts and Culture Unit.

The merger has been the subject of long-standing and strong opposition from within the arts community over the years with claims that it devalued the unique character and role of the individual facilities.

Mr Redman says there is also a much bigger view about the part Council plays in ensuring the city has a strong cultural feel. He says the notion that arts and culture should be delivered through just one Council unit was an outdated one.

"You can't throw a blanket over these facilities and treat them as one. Council's new Creativity and Identity Strategy gives impetus and meaning as to how we can advance the city's creative and cultural experience. We are preparing for a dynamic period in this sector," says Mr Redman.

Press release: Hamilton City Council

A suitable likeness

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

15 October 2007

Tip for home renovators

Just because you have over 10 years of Wallpaper magazine, organised in date order, doesn't automatically mean you're good at installing actual wallpaper. If anyone knows which issue had tips for getting wallpaper glue out of one's hair, please let me know.

11 October 2007

Artist asked to explain actions

The whole Venice/RWC analogy/contrast could be taken a whole step further, but probably shouldn't.

Img: Matt Couper Blondie, 2002

08 October 2007

So sad.

An inquiry has today been launched into the performance of New Zealand's representatives at the Venice Biennale in response to the team's inability to win the Grand Prize.

"While we are still very much mourning this tragic loss, it is important that we find somebody to blame," said a spokesperson.

"Though we had the best team, the best artists, the best site, the coolest posters, and the best collateral programme, we may not have had the best judge."

Being unable to install the exhibition while wearing a black jersey is also being cited as a key factor in the shock loss.

Key figures behind the team's loss are expected to fall on their swords any day now, though the overall effectiveness of the campaign is yet to be judged on the final tally of visitor numbers.

"I had tickets booked to spend six weeks in Europe, travelling around, and attending the Biennale because I love et als' work so much. Now that we're eliminated from winning the Grand Prize I'm not sure I can go. It's just soo heartbreaking," exlaimed a devastated Mavis Stimpson of Remuera, between sobs, to an audience supposed to feel sorry for her.

Pic: 'Cry no more' US patent issued in 2000.