11 May 2010


This year's V48Hours Furious Filmmaking effort. We ran a considerably tighter team than last year (only 4 people in total), which meant a whole lot more V per person. We made it through to the Taranaki regional finals, picking up overall Runner Up, best emerging team, best actress, and best score (music, not twin sex).

All shot on a Canon 5DII and a 7D, proving that still cameras have really come a long way. Cheers to Mark for having such cool toys to play with!

09 May 2010

(To clarify: by two I mean second birthday party)

21 April 2010

Developing a larger body

For years I've been toying with the idea of doing an online Daily Show for the NZ art world. After reading the following, that appeared in my inbox this morning, you'll see why:

"This exhibition brings together work by four Wellington-based artists, work which is forward looking, part of a larger body that is still developing. These are all new works; predominantly unexhibited, they have been created for this exhibition or within the last year."

Now I'm no Jon Stewart by any stretch, but to clarify:
  • An "exhibition" that "brings together" art works.
  • Forward looking and still developing.
  • New works created in the last year.  If a week is a long time in politics, how long is a year in the art world? 
Still, at least it didn't begin with Oftentimes, and on one level, it actually makes me want to go see the show, if only to compare it to the press release.  Which I guess means it's effective PR, dammit.

Image: Curious George spinning top, recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

23 March 2010

Life is short, but filled with stuff

In memory of TC. Not a stunning video, but there is surprisingly little Cramps online, and in a way I think he would have liked it.