20 May 2008

The madness

Kerry Post, a perfectionist, must say 'Wait a minute' in an action or adventure film that includes a brush...
As it turned out we used every last minute of the 48 hours, delivering the final tape with a squeal of brakes and cloud of burnt rubber to an anxious JP waiting beside his letterbox at 6.59 on Sunday.
The outcome?
Rather good I think, and I can even say that a little more objectively now I've had some sleep and the coffee has worn off a little bit.
And I got to make it all about art. And we got to film in the White Hart which was a hell of an adventure, though would have lent itself a lot better to horror. And I finally found out what a dolly grip is, and even how to be one.
Regional screening/semis in Hamilton tonight. I was tempted to drive up, but that's a bunch of driving on a school night. Fingers crossed though.

16 May 2008

Take that, sleep.

Here at One Moment Caller we occasionally go to extreme lengths to keep our 2 readers entertained, which is why we'll be teaming up our good friend coffee to participate in the madness that is the 48 hour film festival.
I'm considering it lack of sleep practice for when a screaming wee future person enters our lives in a couple of weeks.

13 May 2008

Mystery explained

"The form of a cardboard box has been chosen because of its associations with the storage of intimate personal items and to invoke the sense of mystery surrounding ideas of what a sealed box might contain."
I can explain the mystery: Boxes 1-37 = art books. Boxes 38-39 = dvd and cd. Boxes 40-46 = kitchen stuff. Box 47 = bike stuff. Box 48-49 = miscellany.
1. My former lounge, poised.
2+quote. Rachel Whiteread, Embankment, 2005, Tate Modern

12 May 2008


One moment caller's response to Andrew Clifford's response to Bill Culbert's response to the Taranaki landscape's response to the sun setting.

02 May 2008

Type O

I guess it rhymes less with Osama.