21 December 2004

And so it begins (again)

In a fit of wild enthusiasm, and a brief period of post-chaotic wind-down time at work, I've rekindled my association with the blog medium. 
I've had an interesting relationship with blogs over the last couple of years - following a couple, starting a couple, managing a couple for other people, writing a couple of reports on how they were used in the US Election campaign, and advising more people about the viability of the little suckers. 
Maybe this time I'll maintain enough momentum to contribute regularly, maybe not, but for the moment it's looking set to serve a purpose as something of a mental scratch pad - channelling old-man-rant outbursts to the interweb and away from people whose opinions are more valuable for the moment than those offered by the (relative) anonymity of cyberspace.
Please hold the line, Caller.

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