15 June 2005

Work Life Balance

It's been a weird couple of days. Work's moving up to warp factor 6, so I'm rediscovering tired. I've got a new assistant at work, so having to juggle the training aspect with the doing of actual work - as long as I keep viewing it as an investment it's okay. She's cool, which is good - a reminder about how active and involved tertiary students and the recently graduated can be (or maybe how little I was).
Out of the Blue I get a text from a friend I haven't seen in far too long, telling me that our former employer has quit his job and is skipping the country. This guy was very interesting to work for - remarkably driven and focused on achieving, but often at the expense of a lot of the factors that are generally favoured in the workplace, like balance, trust, leadership. He's off to do great things offshore, but I can't stop thinking about the legacy he's leaving, and the doors this variously closes or opens for so many other people in one way or another. NJo doubt there'll be more on this one surfacing over the next wee while.

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