06 October 2005

One more sleep

Tomorrow we depart these fair shores for a fortnight of art, culture, coffee, catching up, chianti, and other global experiences. Florence for a bit, then Venice, then London, then home again, just in time for a long weekend.

Things have been a bit busy of late to get too excited - what with that election thing, an opening at the gallery tonight, and lots of people about to take off on bigger journeys that we've had to catch up with before either they go or we go, and a couple of minor side projects in the art and mountain bike industries to keep mentally occupied.

I have managed to get excited about Singapore airport and it's duty free opportunities. And seeing Renata again before she buggers off to Rio, as you do. And the Venice Biennale - mostly to see the NZ pavillion, but also to see what else is going on. And the bike show in London. And if we can swing it the Frieze art fair also in London.

There may be updates, or not.

(And Ms Harland - I haven't forgotten the tyres...)

1 comment:

Martha said...

Oh have a fabulous time. And don't worry about the tyres, I probably won't be thinking about them til the new year.