26 April 2006

Hidden costs

There are heaps of online resources telling you what to look for when buying a house, and what you'll need to take to your bank to get the mortgage, and what extra costs to expect for things like lawyers etc.

What all of them has failed to mention is the hidden coffee cost. Every rushed lunchtime meeting with a lawyer, real estate agent, architect, or mobile mortgage manager is followed by a quick coffee and sandwich to debrief. So far that's cost us more than anything (except the LIM report).

I suspect there may also be a hidden alcohol cost looming once we get into said house and are unable to go out and drink.


Martha said...

So are you buying a house?

tinks said...

Possibly. Will know for sure on Tuesday, and move in on Friday. It's not in Petone, despite Petone being full of Jelly. Instead we've gone with some former warehouse space in town. Details pending...