15 May 2006

Shiny fridge

Here is a poem to my new stainless steel (but the non-fingerprint showing kind) double door fridge/freezer, which I like quite a bit at the moment:

You keep food cold
As a good fridge should
But the last one didn't

Your crisp blue light
Makes me think of hospitals
And crispy leaves of lettuce

The shrinking wheel of brie
Sits proudly in your midst
Surrounded by space

You gleam assuredly despite
Your pink surrounds (more on this later)
And speak confidently of a cool future.


Martha said...

You're a poet, and you knowet.

I love your poem. I want to see your pink surrounds. This is a very unsubtle hint.

tinks said...

So come visit already!
It should be moderately tidy from tomorrow...