03 August 2006


Contents of gift pack distributed to those exiting the Melbourne Art Fair Vernissage (in no particular order):

  1. A4 page about the Melbourne Art Fair Foundation
  2. Copy of magazine The Monthly - Australian politics, society, and culture
  3. Booking form for a test drive of a Saab
  4. Compy of Saabmagazine - the innovation issue
  5. Voucher for a complimentary flute of 'ultra premium sparkling wine accompanied by a cheese plate'
  6. Voucher fo $50 off a cut and colour service at oxhey & bushey
  7. Reproduction of the first chapter of Justin Paton's book How to look at a painting
  8. Cellophane wrapped 2-pack of greeting cards from Artbank
  9. Catqalogue of Saab's current range
  10. Quirky 'Saab is art' spiral bound notepad
  11. Silver ANZ Private Bank moneybox, decorated to look a bit like the tower of London, plastic wrapped in a blue box
  12. Cellophane wrapped silver metal ANZ Margin Lending pen

1 comment:

Martha said...

Saabs are the classy kind of car that appeal to really classy cool people, I find.