17 October 2006

Kitchen quandry

After months of planning, plotting, and research, some small but strategic renovations are about to be undertaken at OMC national headquarters - namely the removal of the utterly unfashionable pink wall, covered forecer (hopefully) by a nice shade of white.
Then I suspect we'll look to modernise the kitchen, probably a new benchtop and cupboard doors, followed by an improved stove/sink/oven, then flooring and maybe lighting.
The dilemma currently facing the design committee is whether to go for a contemporary formica benchtop or a more industrial cast concrete finish. Or clinical stainless steel.
And a faux wooden or coloured cupboard door finish. Of course too many years of Wallpaper magazine readership have left me with utterly unreasonable expectations given the current budget parameters.


kitty said...

It does explain why you were standing on the bench when I came home the other night.

tinks said...

You weren't supposed to see that.

Renny said...

how about a combo of concrete bench top and SOME colour in the doors, very nice lighting though