13 November 2006

Begone, hideous pink!

The horrible pink feature wall in our kitchen has finally been exorcised, in a weekend long ritual involving 4 litres of Resene Alabaster, and many self-congratulatory wines. It looks much better, and has renewed faith in the self-branding exercise known as home improvement.
There is still a little too much pink left on doors, window frames, and carpet, but not for too long, hopefully.


Martha said...

This is how it starts. Before you know it, you'll be tunnelling through the neighbours ceiling to add a skylight.

kitty said...

I see the aforementioned wine gets a look-in in the foreground.
And I don't miss the pink one little bit!

Renny said...

Heya good friends, cheers for the great job! Next time instead of boxing we can organise a paint section, with loads of wine, chips and dip in the name of old times!

tinks said...

A painting party!
Great idea, though I suspect it may deliver some dodgy results.