29 January 2007

Renovation madness

Flying boldly in the face of the government, who have declared 2007 Export Year, I'm focusing our efforts a little closer to home. Make that a lot closer to home. 2007, at least so far, has been dubbed Home Improvement Year. Yesterday was a flurry of activity as windows were re-puttied, new window hardware procured and installed, holes filled, finishing touches chosen. Cat doors are about to be removed, and in we're finally poised to exorcise the last of the dreaded pastel pink we inherited with the place.

We're replacing the pink - or more accurately Overcooked Salmon (strangely not included in the latest Resene colour book) with Alabaster - apparently the closest white gets to pure white. And somewhat fittingly the colour of at least one dealer gallery in town.

It'll be a far cry from the last room I painted. As the picture above illustrates, that was a slightly bolder colour choice - I suspect inspired largely by an et al. exhibition I was involved with at the time. A similar grey (a custom colour developed for the artists by Aalto) was applied to most of tha gallery walls, teaming up with a surreally magical soundtrack to create one of the most ambient exhibitions I've ever experienced. Oddly for such a bold colour it also made for a very restful bedroom.

Left: et al. serial_reform_713L (detail) 2003 (photo Bryan James)
Right: Grey room without flash late at night (probably after wines)