05 February 2007

Picton. Oddly influential.

In Picton late last year, I photographed the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck statues on the waterfront, which Over the net have recently highlighted in relation to Ronnie van Hout's Duck and Mouse.

Just up the road from there was a letterbox that reminded me of Paul Hartigan's Temple. In Temple Paul has taken Colin McCahon's letterbox (which he apparently bought at auction) and photographed it from below, which film 101 tells us is positioning it in a position of power, assertiveness or influence, perhaps a sign that New Zealand artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The unknown I. Taylor's Picton letterbox, however, was mounted somewhat inconveniently at street level. This might account for the dent in the top.
Left: Letterbox of I. Taylor, Picton
Right: Paul Hartigan, Temple 2006, Signed ultrachrome print
More of Paul's recent work here

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