18 May 2007

Second bedroom

Ever since we moved in I've been trying to solve how to incoorporate a second bedroom into the apartment. While there's loads of space for it, natural light and flow present some interesting challenges.

Option one was an old Kombi van in the space - it could double as an office space, while converting easily to camper mode for those unexpected guests. I suspect this idea was partly in response to Micheal Parekowhai's Te Papa Sculpture Terrace efforts, and partly my own (very) early experiences of living in a Kombi van in Europe. While there would be certain logistical issues - like dropping oil on the carpet, and having to dissect it to the point of getting it into a goods lift, then through a smallish door, I'm really keen on this option.

This morning I discovered another option that gives the kombio idea a run for the money - Dan Hzel's Z-Box.

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