29 August 2007

Performance edition

There's been a lot of talk of editions lately, but even the general cost-effectiveness of an artist's multiple isn't much good when you're in the midst of a self-imposed moratorium on buying new art.

Or so I thought, until I rediscovered Manual in a box of bookmarks I was going through. It's multiples for the performance art set, from the good folk at E-flux.

Today I performed my very own Christian Marclay (Newspaper version) and if the weather's half decent tomorrow I'm going to acquire a Tacita Dean (directions to any fields full of clover appreciated).

And this summer I will be installing my very own Paul McCarthy work (digging a continuous trench), though maybe not in the apartment.

Getting a Felix Gonzalez-Torres edition could present a slightly bigger, though not insurmountable, challenge - 180lb of wrapped local candy in the corner of the room. One for the office maybe.

Collecting art just got a whole bunch more interesting.

(The above image, by US collective Chicks on Speed, should be printed out billboard size (high-res image available on request) and plastered wherever billboard space is available. In a slightly more sedate local parallel, a range of artist's billboards have recently emerged around Wellington - including a Paul Hartigan above Tulsi in Cuba Mall.)

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