08 October 2007

So sad.

An inquiry has today been launched into the performance of New Zealand's representatives at the Venice Biennale in response to the team's inability to win the Grand Prize.

"While we are still very much mourning this tragic loss, it is important that we find somebody to blame," said a spokesperson.

"Though we had the best team, the best artists, the best site, the coolest posters, and the best collateral programme, we may not have had the best judge."

Being unable to install the exhibition while wearing a black jersey is also being cited as a key factor in the shock loss.

Key figures behind the team's loss are expected to fall on their swords any day now, though the overall effectiveness of the campaign is yet to be judged on the final tally of visitor numbers.

"I had tickets booked to spend six weeks in Europe, travelling around, and attending the Biennale because I love et als' work so much. Now that we're eliminated from winning the Grand Prize I'm not sure I can go. It's just soo heartbreaking," exlaimed a devastated Mavis Stimpson of Remuera, between sobs, to an audience supposed to feel sorry for her.

Pic: 'Cry no more' US patent issued in 2000.

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beetlebum said...

question - is Mavis, a collective or singular being/thing? Or is she/they/it now refusing to answer any further questions?