20 May 2008

The madness

Kerry Post, a perfectionist, must say 'Wait a minute' in an action or adventure film that includes a brush...
As it turned out we used every last minute of the 48 hours, delivering the final tape with a squeal of brakes and cloud of burnt rubber to an anxious JP waiting beside his letterbox at 6.59 on Sunday.
The outcome?
Rather good I think, and I can even say that a little more objectively now I've had some sleep and the coffee has worn off a little bit.
And I got to make it all about art. And we got to film in the White Hart which was a hell of an adventure, though would have lent itself a lot better to horror. And I finally found out what a dolly grip is, and even how to be one.
Regional screening/semis in Hamilton tonight. I was tempted to drive up, but that's a bunch of driving on a school night. Fingers crossed though.

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