25 June 2008

Catching up

Having a baby is one of those remarkable things that generates a stunning (and completely overwhelming) outporing of support from pretty much every corner of society. Witness Blackbird Singing's stunningly elaborate analysis of the similarly named , Bestofthree's lovely welcome note, and wife-features winning the 'Room with the most flowers EVER' award at Taranaki Base's maternity ward.

So to all the bloggers, emailers, gift mailers, and well wishers, cheers. One day soon we'll buy you a drink and thrust a (possibly) smiling baby at you.

Pic: Jasper (middle name still under negotiation after both AndyWarhol and Doctor were rejected) Rhodes. Mum and baby doing brilliantly, Dad still in mild shock.


onne terre said...

oh congratulations!
sorry i am late what a stunning baby!

Lubie said...

babies are awesome! Here's mine
She was 11 weeks prem but doing super now. Due 1st August, born 15 May!

Love to you and yours, my dear.