20 August 2008

Scale models the secret to becoming a great curator

"How Exhibitions Work

This course will give students a behind-the-scenes insight into the background and setting up of exhibitions and displays. Topics covered will include research and development of an exhibition proposal, building a small scale model project, setting up an exhibition – techniques, problems/challenges – and putting an exhibition together. Students will build a small scale model or a small scale display component or other models appropriate for their display area.

(Approx course material costs: $50 depending on project)

Wed 6pm-8pm

20 Aug – 5 Nov (10wks)
$80 Y2020.025/3

For further information: http://www.witt.ac.nz/"

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blufolio said...

Hahahaha you forgot to mention that the Tutor is Donna Willard Moore...take care she may throw a bucket of paint in the studesnts as she does with her painting...