05 December 2008

Celebrity Endorsement

Anyone I've discussed the global credit situation with in recent months will have heard my theory that the root of all problems are flat screen televisions - that seemingly innocuous item that has invaded lounges and emptied pay packets for up to 36 months, lured people into hapless Jonesism as their neighbours upsize to 42", shipped a large chunk of the Kiwi economy straight offshore, yet still not really driven those producing the actual Television contents to up their game (TVNZ 6 and 7 aside, but I can't get those, so will overlook).

My theory is catching on - this morning it was loosely endorsed by Russel Brown on Public Address, who pondered:

"I wonder if this will be remembered as the crisis of the flat-screen TV, the somewhat affordable luxury still expected to ship nearly a hundred million units worldwide in 2009, thanks largely to intense price-cutting from manufacturers. We will rationalise our purchases as we scoff our unseasonably cheap vine-ripened tomatoes."

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