14 December 2009

Dear Santa

Buying a house and having a baby have mercifully conspired to deter me from whipping out my credit card whenever I get madly inspired by things online. In the last 18 months there have been no Amazon, international bicycle store (or even domestic for that matter), obscure toy shop, gallery or other online trader packages brighten our door while simultaneously darkening the Visa bill.

But all that came very very close to crashing down today when I stumbled across this via Coolhunting.

It's artists. On bicycles.

A new one every month for a WHOLE YEAR!

As you can imagine it ticks a couple of pretty big boxes at OneMomentCaller. I'm thinking of sending a copy to everyone I know who recently broke themselves on their new bikes (would seem to be the season), but they already have new bikes to console them, and a calendar with artists riding bikes would seem rather crap in comparison.

You can pick up a copy at the Swiss Institute of Contempoary Art New York here.

Pic: Lukas Wassmann shoots Cindy Sherman and David Byrne in December.