21 January 2011

Good news.

I recall a comment once made by an art dealer as to where contemporary New Zealand art sits in the purchasing priority list your average non-addicted customer - generally somewhere just behind upgrading your fully functioning washing machine. So in the darker economic times we live in, where washing machines are both heavily discounted and available on 40 months interest free terms, you could be forgiven for thinking that the primary art market would be toughing things out at the moment.

But not so, judging by the latest Big Idea jobs + opportunities newsletter. No less than four dealer galleries - Bartley & Co, Page Blackie, Masterworks and Milford Galleries are all recruiting, pointing to either a positive end to the Old Year or a pretty credible prediction of growth in 2011.

Further underscoring this possible buoyancy, I've even heard of one dealer who ducks out to the stock room for a private yoga session each week.

The art world: awash with milk and honey.

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