12 December 2005


Yesterday, on the way back from the beach, we stopped by one of Cathy's artists and her partner, and had one of those really good interesting discussions about art, artists, culture, and pretty much everything else.

It reminded me of another excursion we made a few years ago to the home of another quite remarkable couple in Taranaki. Of these two, Roger has just released the latest chapter of his life's work: an extremely weighty analysis of Shakespeare's sonnets.

On this occasion we debated art, Duchamp, the right way to train as an artist, the merits of various recent exhibitions, artists, institutions, architectural styles, etc. It made me want to start an institute and dedicate substantial amounts of time to proving or disproving a single idea.
You can read a more recent take on the same story here.

A perhaps unrelated observation - on both visits we were made really good cups of tea.

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