08 December 2005

Simple. Pure.

About a year ago I got this really basic, cheap, single speed mountainbike. A few people I knew were foprgoing their 27 speeds for the simplicity, purity, and durability of just one gear, and it seemed like an attractive concept.

Last night was one of those magic nights - no wind, the harbour like a mirror, a close fought cricket match on, and about an hour long windo of opportunity, which I seized and took said singlespeed up Makara for a very quick blast.

As you'd expect with a singlespeed it's pretty demanding getting it up hills. You tend to have to sprint the whole way, so you end up going fast, but lungs and legs burning.

Last night, grinding up Sally Alley probably the fastest I've ever done it, gasping in warm windless air in the low sun, I think it was the first time this year that it actually felt like summer. It was great.

Oh - and the bike has flames on it. Cool.

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