03 March 2006

Yay Sarah!

Sarah Ulmer just won the Tour of Wellington - the prequel to the Women's World Cup Race this Sunday. I'm quite thrilled by that, as Sarah is teh roxxor (which is apparently young geek speak for Rocks!!). Oh yes - I can be jiggy with the homies.

The cool thing about Sarah beating the world class field in the tour is that she seems to be nailing the transition to road racing. Not that there was any doubt - I rode with her in the Round Taranaki race once, and after we had a brief chat she just took off. I think trying to keep up with her was the closest I've come to a heart attack.

So I'll be out on Sunday, having walked to somewhere around the beehive, to watch the race.
A world class road race almost going past my house. And it has Sarah Ulmer and Robyn Wong in it. How cool is that?

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