06 September 2006

Celebrity Obscura

With the plethora of TV shows currently removing any sense of mystery or talent from becoming a rock star (supernova, Osbournes, Run's House, Pop Stars, idol et al), and the automatic propulsion of performers on those shows into becoming a TV stars, I wonder if music/tv celebrity is becoming devalued.

Eventually the cynicism of the informed (or at least not-uninformed) audience must overcome push of the advertisers, marketers, lables and network executives. We're already seeing a new wave of bedroom performers making their own albums, having lost faith in their own pop idols and thinking "yeah I could do that".

I predict the waves of celebrity spewing out of the music and tv industries will dwindle. In their place will be a new celebrity, one which doesn't get their fame in the bottom of a cereal packet.

The new celebrity will come from sports and science. They will work hard and think hard. They will earn more than a gold record, or a tour of shopping malls to push their latest single, and they will contribute more than next year's elevator music.

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