04 September 2006

Size might just matter

I've never been a huge fan of SUVs, despite hiring a baby one on occasion to go snowboarding, and doing a 4wd driving thing in a Range Rover once. Something about the smoke a lot of them put out, the aggression that a lot of the drivers exhibit, and the safety abominations caused by a centre of gravity 4 feet off the ground.

But last weekend we had one of our very own for a wee while, due to visiting in-laws bringing the 'work car' - a GMC Yukon. To say it was big is like saying Lord of the rings is a film about a short guy who goes for a walk.
  • It was exactly twice the height of our regular car.
  • It had more leg room than my lounge.
  • It had a 5.8 litre V8.
  • It was bigger than every other SUV we encountered.
  • It had over 12" of body roll (by my totally unscientific calculations)
  • It had mirror glass in the back
I'm kind sad to admit that of it was kind of cool. Hell, very cool. So big. So powerful. So practical yet impractical all at the same time.

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Sez said...

ooh I want one