25 June 2007

New job, new car

The rule always used to be new job = new bike, but given that my riding hasn't moved beyond getting to and from work for weeks now, I can't really justify a new bike. So it was somewhat timely that some work needed doing on our aging car.
We're going German this time round (balancing my lifelong car ownership totals at 2 French and 2 German - 2.5 French if you count rusting hulks), so there'll undoubtedly be some readjustment as I unlearn the tinny urgency of the highly strung but beautifully road-holding Peugeot and relearn the solid sensibility of the Golf.
Sadly in 7 years I never got round to joining the Peugeot club, though I did write an article for their newsletter once. Outgoing car posed in front of Murali's sports centre, Rotorua, above.

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