31 July 2007

The art of war

Archives NZ today launched the War Art Online collection - a digitisation project of war art held in the Archives collection. So far 600 works of the 1500 work collection are available, with more coming online over time.

Interestingly, the site embraces user interaction by offering user contributed comments and tags.

Also interesting is the archive Newsreel clips of war artists (scroll to bottom of page) -Weekly Review No. 133 is particularly good: it's a fascinating snapshot of NZ's attitude towards artists in the 40s.

Pic: Goya: The Disasters of War.

Edit: Best-of-3's far more qualified analysis here

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Ray and Kim said...

You're funny. Great site, which Ive linked if you don't mind. Not enough NZ blogs and its a pleasure to randomly find one, cheers Ray