23 July 2007

Please, no tongue.

Reported in the Dominion Post today:

Charges have been brought against a woman who allegedly kissed a painting by American artist Cy Twombly, smudging the bone-white canvas with her lipstick, French judicial officials said at the weekend. Police arrested the woman after she kissed the work on Friday. She is to be tried in an Avignon court on August 16 for "damage to a work of art"


Thirty-nine people reading or working at a library in southwest China have been poisoned after breathing in carbon dioxide leaking from a fire-extinguisher.

Take that anyone who thinks the arts are not a contact sport!

Pic: Cy Twombley, from Quattro Stagioni (A Painting in Four Parts), Quattro Stagioni: Inverno 1993-4, Collection of the Tate.

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