16 December 2007

Wine with your art?

Tis the season of frequent drinking, and to mark this occasion, One Moment Caller is publishing the results of its brief and informal ongoing survey into the drinking culture of our art institutions, particularly at opening time.
  • City Gallery: White and Red wine, withheld until after speeches, limited to foyer.
  • Adam Art Gallery: White, red, freely available, some space limits.
  • Te Manawa: White, red, beer, freely available, limited to foyer and one gallery space.
  • Sarjeant Gallery: White, red, beer, withheld until after speeches, no space limits.
  • Govett-Brewster Art Gallery: White, beer, freely available, no space limits.
It would seem that if you're after a good time, head to the provinces.
Pic: Hannes Broecker, Drink away the art.
Discovered on Swiss Miss, via Visual Streak, via Coolhunter... There should really be a one-step-removed links policy applied to the interweb - it's just getting silly, but then I suppose it is the season.

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