03 December 2007


It's not been a particularly good year for art and cultural objects - a truck load of works went up in smoke, a number of works walked out of Auckland University's care, a Hammond leapt off the wall to a disputed death, and that's just what's made it to the media's otherwise eagle-like attention.

But the worst, I think, is the tragic theft of 9 Victoria Cross and a handful of other medals from Waiouru Army Museum - a building that looks like a fortress, but it would seem doesn't act like one.

At a time when there are fewer and fewer veterans remaining, bigger and bigger turnouts at ANZAC ceremonies every year, and a growing search for national identity, this comes across as particularly shameful.

Pic: Corporal Leslie Wilton Andrew, awarded the VC for attacks on two machine gun posts at La Basses-Ville, France, 1917.

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btw - the family resemblance is uncanny - exactly the same ears and eyes!