08 April 2008


Apologies for the lengthy hiatus. It hasn't been wasted, with a new bike, a new job, a new city, two pairs of new pants, and a number of plots to take things over (as you'd expect).

Bullet points:
  • WOMAD was good, and apparently we have our own ukulele orchestra here which I got invited to join (yes, that thought terrifies me as well).

  • Jack Johnson was also good, crazy busy, but I didn't go surfing with him in the end.

  • The world triathlon series race was good, with somewhat inspiring cosequences. More on that later.

  • The Govett-Brewster's new shows are very good. Two thumbs up, and I'm still a fan of their events - the Monica Brewster Club is a very good thing. It's the round of shows after next I'm really excited about though.

  • Any free bike is a good bike, but when it's a custom speced Cotic, it is a great bike. We're getting some serious mileage in. Full reports pending...

  • Work is bloody interesting, and it's nice to have some cool new projects to get stuck into, without the drama (real or imagined) of Parliament. Also nice not to feel compelled to yell at the tv on a regular basis. In fact I haven't watched any TV at all in over a month. Oddly liberating.

  • The coffee in New Plymouth is stunning. A little on the expensive side, but then for the most part it is fair trade. Believe me, I'm as surprised by this fact as you are.

  • The Len Lye Centre debate is good and healthy, although a little one-sided at this stage. I've a number of plans to rectify that, of course, so watch this space.

  • New Macs are brilliant. The iMac even comes with a remote control, for those rare moments that you're using your computer from a distance further away than arms reach. I'll even forgive Apple for blatently cribbing the design notes from 1960s era Braun, it's that good.
  • We've even gained a handful more works for the collection, which is currently living in two large crates, which is quite sad, but a necessary short-term evil.

So you might say that, on the whole, things are pretty good.


beetlebum said...

and bout time too!

tinks said...

The interweb is a bit slower here..?

Renata Rizzo said...

Nice to hear back from you.