22 April 2008

Guilty secret

There's something lovely about receiving good old-fashioned postal mail. Particularly when it's art. In this case an edition bought online from an artist-run-space in Los Angeles. Will post an image of it some time.

The internet 1: making life in the provinces that much easier.
The internet 2: making it harder to look real-space dealers in the eye.


artandmylife said...

I am almost in the provinces but tied to home in other ways and I totally agree with your internet points.

Onne Terre said...

which artist run space? I'm curious

tinks said...

http://www.jeremymora.com/portfoliohome_set.htm @ http://povevolving.com/

Perhaps technically not an artist run space, but I do rather like their artist endowment fund.

Onne Terre said...


tinks said...

A pleasure, as always.