24 November 2005

Ply My Fritters

When I got the first Fly My Pretties CD, Live at Bats, I wasn't initially that impressed. I hadn't seen the live event, and though at the time was pretty heavily into the Black Seeds, coulodn't see through the clutter inherent in any live recording.

A few listenings later and that all changed - it started getting a lot of stereo time, and eventually made it into the car to become an integral part of every reoad trip.

Today I picked up the second album - The return of FMP, and after one brief listening so far, I'm having similar reservations, but I suspect for the opposite reasons. This time I saw the event, and it was great. Will the live recordings ever manage to live up to the real thing, or is my memory of the concert just too fresh?

Time will tell...


kitty said...

Oh no! Is Hollie's 'Miracles' as beautiful as it was on the night?
But more importantly, can you hear us singing along?

Martha said...

Oh bless, it is Glen's birthday today, and it was a toss up between Fly My Pretties CD and a nice Taschen design book. The book won. The Fly My Pretties tickets arrived in the letterbox today. Are you going?

tinks said...

I take it all back.
Upon watching the DVD and listening to the album a couple of times it's grown on me with considerable ease. Sadly unlikely to make the December concert, but I suspect it's going to be a jolly goodun.