28 November 2005

Queen Charlotte

Last weekend was the annual Vorb pilgrimage to the Queen Charlotte Walkway - 70 km of bushy singletrack, with the odd beautiful view, mad weka, and luxuary resort (see Punga Cove photo above - cheers Moki) thrown in for good measure.

And what a great weekend it was. It rained most of Sunday, and didn't get over 13 degrees, but there were some very cool things from the weekend, including:
  • Beer fuelled bike soccer (so much harder than it sounds) on Saturday at Furneaux,
  • The downhill into Anakiwa - fast with lots of sweet jumps
  • The ferry that carted our bags everywhere so we didn't have to
  • Picton fishburgers
  • The downhill to Torea Saddle - rocky and swoopy through beech forest
  • The merciless piss taking of Owen/Stu/Tom/Anyone from Christchurch
  • The 10 minutes of sun while lying on the grass in Anakiwa
  • A hot shower and nachos after riding 70km in the rain
  • Getting there first, even though it wasn't technically a race
  • The bike almost working flawlessly (and contributing to the Team Giant bike soccer win)
  • The ferry being overtaken by 40 broken mountainbikers telling tall tales

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