11 November 2005

Seize the day (and the wine)

So I'm sitting in Mr Bun eating a chicken and avocado on rye sandwich (result of 5 minute health kick due to watching Supersize Me last night), sitting at a bench that looks out on that wee street outside Askew.

A car pulls up, turning right onto the bigger street with the sushi place on it, and the passengers are all pretty tough looking. The car's there for a bit, which strikes me as strange, as there are no cars on the other st for it to wait for.

Then a woman gets out, walks over the pavement, and picks up a case of wine that is being transferred between courier van and the wine shop on the corner.

Oh the drama - car takes off, wine shop guy shouting, runs after car, bystanders get involved, but I think the car gets away.

Part of me is outraged, that this goes on in central Wellington, and that there aren't police on every corner with guns, like in London.

But a part of me is also going good on them for seizing the opportunity. Is this bad?

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