30 June 2006

Dining Journal Entry: Roxy

When I heard that there was a (brand) new restaurant round the corner from home called Roxy I had mixed visions of a grand bourbon soaked New York ballroom kind of place or a room full of teenage girl's dressed in ill-fitting colourful surfwear. Fortunately in reality Roxy was neither - instead positioned somewhere in between, with lots of raw brick walls, lots of light, and lots of nice things on the menu.

As far as dining experiences go, it wasn't amazing. The ambiance was a bit starck and well lit for my liking, and though I'm a fan of minimalism in decor, I felt the place needed a load more art, or something to add character to the walls, and soften the echo effect. The place is super-new, so I'm picking it'll grow into a more intimate space as the owners get more comfortable and relaxed there.

The food more than made up for it though - the menu was small but covered all the usual bases well. It looked good on the plate, and there was plenty of it, and it was done simply, but really well, and for a decently small wad of cash. My risotto was spot on - perfectly balanced on that fine line of moistness between soup and fried rice.

I'll be headed back some time soon, if only to get more than a mouthful of the twice cooked pork.
I do think it should be called The Roxy though. Sounds lots cooler.

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