09 June 2006

Object of desire # 984,207 to 984,208

Since I sold C's bike in a fit of reductionism and ambitious planned expenditure, I've been looking for another one for her. And may have found it. And as an added bonus I got to place my first bid on Trade me. The slippery slope has begun.

And because I'm desiring this object for someone else, I get to choose one too (hey - I don't make the rules!), AND SO:

A modern take on a bike I had years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed riding, until it just plain wore out. Sadly I have to drive to Hamilton to get one. And plunge into debt - and evil consumer debt, not good mortgage or paying off an artwork debt.


tom909 said...

I'm visiting via Martha's. You kiwis sure are keen bloggers. I'm confident your cult following will really take off today.

tinks said...

I'm hoping so - there must be a way to make a sizable income off this somehow!