01 June 2006

Late night chocolate can be dangerous

We ventured out into the new neighbourhood for a late night coffee and cake last night. We wandered past all the close-to-home haunts on Cuba, mainly because they were really busy, which was good to see., and ended up in Espressoholic.

Once we'd fought our way through the ubiquitous hoard of spotty first-years who've just discovered coffee, culture, drum and bass, and that they don't have to go to bed ever (Oh the memories!), we found a really good selection of dangerously good cakes.

Beyond that the evening descended into part history lesson/part rant about said first-years, as I struggled to consume a hot chocolate slightly bigger than my head, and fought the urge to elope with a particularly flash White chocolate cheesecake.

All in all two thumbs up, despite too much chocolate.

And thwn we went and bought music. At 9.30 at night.
Central city. It's good.


Renny said...

pretty much missed Cubas' feelings

tinks said...

Yes, but you can go to the real Cuba for the weekend.