13 July 2006

Dining Journal Entry: Pod

Dinner on Tuesday was with the Gallery at their stunning new local - Pod

First of all, I like restaurants with websites. They show me there's a commitment to building a lasting icon, and some investment has been made in telling people about their food. I like them more when the put the menu on the website. And I like them even more when the menu on the website is the same as the one you get at the table. Pod does all this, so one thumb up.

I also like restaurants that make me rethink my own kitchen/decor/home/way of life. Pod did this too. While I'm not so convinced about the bubbling water feature, the bar area had me rushing home at the end of the night to redesign the kitchen, and the bathrooms were pretty inspiring as well. Two thumbs up.

The food? Very good. They've moved away from the pacific/thai fusion thing they had going on last time I was there, to more of a mild Italian/New Zealand flavour.

The company? Enlightening as always, even when interspersed with stories of shooting the nipples off workmen...

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Oy Vey said...

sister restaurant across the pond: http://www.podrestaurant.com/